How to spot common but easily-correctable mistakes that often cause delays or rejections of DBS checks


Full Five-year Address History

At the top of the list of the most common reasons for delayed or rejected DBS checks are errors with address history. Ensure the applicant’s address history is complete for the entirety of the last five years and be sure to include accurate ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates, in the  format mm/yyyy. It is also important that there are no time gaps between addresses.


Terrible Typos

Another common issue that ranks high on the list is typos. Make sure the surname is spelt correctly and is exactly as given in the applicant’s identity document; beware of typos or similar sounding names. For instance, when it comes to DBS, White is not Whyte!


Don’t Forget the Past

Any previous names – whether it’s a different forename, middle name or surname – must be included. Also check that the applicant has given all names by which they’ve been known and they must also supply documentary proof to support their name changes.


Missing Middle Name

The applicant’s full name must be declared, including middle name(s). All names on a DBS check are run against the Police National Computer and any discrepancies are flagged. When relevant, the police release this information onto the certificate.


Different Date of Birth

It falls to employers to check that the date of birth is accurate during the ID check. Check all the details submitted on the application form carefully to ensure they match those in the applicant’s history.