For the first time, free data protection e-learning SPECIFICALLY FOR CARE PROFESSIONALS is available. This e-learning has been created by care professionals, is simple, manageable and provided at no cost.

Care staff who were involved in creating the course told us:

“These modules are tailored to the social care context and reflect real situations that a diverse variety of care workers face in different settings. It’s visual and in plain English so it is very accessible to a wide range of staff including those with English as a second language.”

“This will help train all staff easily and at no cost. Very clear and easy, I look forward to using these modules for our staff!”

“One of the most valuable aspects of the new resources is that they are short… Given the pressure our staff are under, and the high turnover, it is so valuable to have something that is clear, straightforward, and flexible to use.”

“I think it is really digestible and has managed to strike the balance of including all relevant and necessary information whilst the training does not feel too info heavy to digest.”

To start the training, or learn more, please visit:

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