The Supported Living Improvement Coalition was launched in February 2022. It was set up because of concerns about the variation in people’s experience of supported living services and to bring people together to identify and embed the improvements we need to see.

The Coalition identified 5 areas of focus:

  • Staff must have the right knowledge, motivation, and positive culture to support people to live their best lives.
  • People should receive high-quality care and support that understands and meets their individual needs to allow them to be active members of their local community.
  • There should be excellent, joined up working where everyone understands their role.
  • Person-centred housing and home options must be flexible and start with the individual.
  • Regulation must have people’s voice and that of their loved ones at heart, by listening well and being accessible.

The Coalition was initially convened by CQC, but it is very much a shared group, with everyone involved seen as equal partners. The Coalition membership is composed of people using services, providers, commissioners, trade associations and other regulatory bodies.

Key to the coalition is making sure the views of people in supported living are at the heart of the coalition. Every meeting starts with someone sharing their lived experience.

CQC will convene the coalition up until the end of 2022. As a group, the coalition is deciding how it will take the work forward. CQC will continue to focus on how to improve how they regulate supported living services and keep the voices of people and their loved ones at the heart of what they do.


For further information please read:

Continuing the work of the Supported Living Improvement Coalition | by Care Quality Commission | Nov, 2022 | Medium


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