All providers registered with CQC will be able to create an account on the new provider portal from the 11th of March. CQC had previously advised that the new portal would be available from 27th February but to ensure the best user experience the launch has been moved to the 11th of March. 

All providers need to make sure that the contact details are correct as you will only be able to register with email addresses that are registered with CQC.

It is important that registered managers in the same provider do not use a shared e-mail address to create their provider portal account.

New provider portal accounts will synchronise with CQC’s registration data. Because of this, emails such as, utilised by multiple registered managers at an organisation will now be restricted to one user on the portal. This adjustment ensures that each user has a unique login credential, enhancing security and accountability within the CQC’s systems.

Registered managers currently sharing an email address should change to a unique one and notify CQC as soon as possible. To update them you will need to submit a notification here.

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