HCPA are the regional coordinators for Better Security Better Care, a fully-funded national task force who exist to support care providers manage data protection, information governance and cyber risks. 

We help care providers understand data protection by supporting them through an online questionnaire called The Data Security and protection Toolkit (DSPT). 

DSPT is one of the requirements for accessing digital transformation funding, it is also now part of the CQC inspection framework, and likely to become a specification in all local authority and NHS contracts soon. 

Publishing your DSPT will allow you to manage your data protection risks, apply for the transformation funding, and create a free secure email service for your organisation (NHSmail email service) which is also a requirement for digital transformation and in some places required to receive hospital discharge paperwork. 

We’ve a team of experts standing by to support you with any questions over data protection, information governance and cyber security. These experts can be reached at DataProtection@HCPA.co.uk / 01707 708018 and we have lots of guidance and tips on our webpage: https://www.hcpa.info/data-protection  

All our support is provided for free to registered care providers.