Source: CQC

Earlier this month, CQC published State of Care, an annual assessment of health and social care in England.

CQC’s annual assessment evaluates the current state of England’s health and social care landscape in depth to help identify trends, share examples of good practice and highlight areas where care needs to improve.

At a glance

Some key points for the adult social care sector:

  • In adult social care there are now 605 services that are rated outstanding, which is nearly 250 more than when we reported in 2017
  • Originally 396 services were rated as inadequate and out of these 89% had improved their rating by 1 August 2017
  • Providers and managers of services which have improved have worked hard to make care better for people by prioritising person-centred care, supporting their staff and seeking help from system partners
  • Staff continued to care for people well, with 91% of services rated as good and 4% rated as outstanding for the caring key question. Only 2% of services were rated inadequate and 21% as requires improvement for well-led
  • Improvement is causing challenges for many services, and many services originally rated as requires improvement have failed to improve at re-inspection. However, managers of improved services have worked hard to make care better for people and have prioritised person-centred care, supported their staff and sought help from system partners

If you haven’t had the chance to see CQC’s annual assessment document, take a look now.

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