Source: CQC, Herts Care Search

The CQC have recently completed an evaluation of people who have chosen a care home for a loved one.

According to the evaluation, 70% of people found choosing care to be an incredibly stressful decision compared to other life events such as choosing their child’s first school, and getting married.

When choosing a care home, CQC’s evaluation found that the most beneficial factors in making the final decision were:

  • 72% of people found visiting the care home the most beneficial
  • 44% of people found the home’s CQC rating and/or latest inspection report to be highly important
  • 26% of people found that word of mouth was important to them
  • 25% of people said the views from family and friends were important

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Have you made it easy for people to learn more about your Care Home and your room vacancies?

Herts Care Search is an easy to use online platform that can be searched by members of the public to find appropriate care for their loved ones.

The service is fully funded by HCC, and is therefore complete FREE for HCPA members to use to advertise their care home and their room vacancies.

To make it as useful as possible for people seeking care, your free listing will show:

  • How to get in contact with your Care Home and arrange a visit
  • Your latest CQC rating with a link to the inspection report
  • A list of your facilities
  • Images of the accommodation and surroundings
  • Availability (both long or short stays)

This fantastic online platform not only makes it easier and quicker for people to search for suitable, and available, accommodation, but it also enables users to share links of their shortlisted care homes with friends and relatives to get their input.

Even better, Herts Care Search is the ‘go to’ system for local authority and health professionals in Hertfordshire to find and book available beds

It’s easy to set up!

For more information on how to access Herts Care Search, visit the webpage or email to get started.

HCPA’s Care Home Choice Facilitator- Lister Hospital

HCPA have now been running the Impartial Care Home Choice Facilitator at Lister for 3 months and are very positive about the results so far. The HCPA Care Home Choice Facilitator sits within the Lister hospital and provides patients with a service designed to fully support them and their representatives regarding moving to their choice of care homes.

Benefits of the service:

  • Fully personalised support throughout the process for patient and representatives while making complex and difficult choices
  • Encouraging the patient’s choice of care home
  • Point of contact at all times
  • Continued support after the resident has been placed
  • Completely impartial and no costs for Care Homes for placements

We have some great outcomes for the service so far:

  • 81 referrals with 85% utilising the service
  • New resident satisfaction rating at 85%

“This is an excellent service and one which I believe would be welcomed throughout the rest of the county”
– Care Home Manager

“Elaine arranged for a conversation with the Home Manager and that really set our minds at rest. Elaine was very helpful”
– Family Member

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