Source: CQC

The public has a right to know how care services are performing, so to help them do this Regulation 20A became a legal requirement in April, 2015.

This means:

  • All registered providers that have received a CQC rating have to display it
  • Ratings must be displayed at each location used for providing or managing regulated services and on their website (if they have one)

Following engagement with trade associations and stakeholders from all sectors, CQC have recently made a minor amendment to our guidance. The amendment makes clear that if they assess that your rating is not displayed as required, they will follow their Enforcement Policy to decide their response. CQC’s response and use of enforcement powers will be proportionate to the circumstances of each case.

The regulation also sets out what must be included in the displayed information and CQC has developed posters and digital products to help providers do this easily. CQC will continue to work with partners to improve guidance and ensure that providers meet the regulation.