The COVID-19 booster and flu vaccinations will be rolled out in the next few months, and we wanted to begin raising awareness with you. It is important that staff take the opportunity when offered to keep themselves healthy and avoid spreading either virus to the people they support.

We are working with partners across the County to establish how front-line health and social care staff will be able to access the vaccines in Hertfordshire, as well as the people they work with, and we will share information as it becomes available.

We are aware that Care Homes will be contacted by their Primary Care GP Network, some may have already been in touch, and the roll out is expected to commence around the 5th of September.  We have been informed that care staff can be vaccinated by the PCN when they visit to vaccinate residents.

For more information about the vaccination programme click here


Vaccine Consent

We have been advised that if Flu and COVID vaccines are to be administered at the same visit then a form can be completed listing both vaccinations, if the vaccines are clearly listed, and the person has given consent to receive both vaccinations.

Click here to see the Mental Capacity Guidance document.