Source: Central Alerting System (CAS)


On the 30th of January 2019, CAS issued a medical device alert for the Arjo Minstrel Passive Floor Life, manufactured by ArjoHuntleigh AB. The alert is in regards to the spreader bar that may detach from the lift arm during patient transfer with the potential for serious injuries to the patient.

Necessary Actions

Check which version of the spreader bar your lifts have, using the manufacturer’s instructions in their Field Safety Notice (FSN).

If your device requires replacement, please stop using it immediately, quarantine it and contact Arjo UK. If your device does not need replacement, fill in and return the customer response form in the link to the full alert to Arjo UK to confirm this.

Immediate action is required by all those responsible for maintaining these medical devices for the following recipients:

  • NHS Regional Offices
  • Specialist Trusts
  • Mental Health Trusts
  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Mental Health & Learning Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities Trusts
  • Acute Trusts

This is information for:

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Independent Healthcare Providers (Registered with CAS)
  • Social Care Providers (Registered with CAS)
  • Ofsted recipients
  • Other contacts
  • Special Health Authorities

» Read the full alert here