In January Hertfordshire County Council sent out a survey to a sample of Adults in Hertfordshire asking them to take part In the Adult Social Care Survey.

The survey is a national survey co-ordinated by NHS Digital. It asks adults about their quality of life and their experiences of the services they receive.  The results will be used by Adult Care Services, NHS Digital and the Department of Health and Social Care to assess the experiences of people using care and support services and to improve these services in the future.  It will not be used to assess the performance of individual care homes or supported living establishments as procedures are already in place to do this via the CQC inspection process, and the number of people surveyed in each care home or supported living establishment will be too small to give robust results.

You can see an example of the report and the questionnaire on the NHS Digital publication page:

If adults within your care home or supported living establishment have received the survey, we would appreciate your help in encouraging them to complete these and send them back to HCC as soon as possible.

The completion date on the back of the survey has now passed but they are still accepting completed survey questionnaires.

HCC would be grateful if the surveys could be returned by Monday, 10 April 2023.

If your clients have been sent the survey and are not able to complete it, please send it back in the envelope provided or notify HCC at

Please also use this email address if you have any other queries about the survey.

Please note that not all the residents you have living in your care home or supported living establishment have been asked to take part in the survey, it is a random sample.