There are many toolkits and templates available to purchase for the care sector as aids to Care Management. We have heard people say the template does not matter or they can feel very prescriptive however, templates and toolkits can be excellent as a framework and guide to help create good quality documents.

Herts County Council Monitoring Teams have made us aware of incorrect use of service management templates such as, risk assessments, business continuity plans and care planning, where the template has not been completed sufficiently to suit the service provision or they do not contain the required sections or ask the right questions that will provide the information your regulators are expecting to see. If you are using templates and toolkits make sure that these are comprehensively completed and are used as prompts to provoke thought, mitigation, guidance on the level of detail sections need to go into and they should clearly outline solutions that meet the needs of your service.

The HCPA Business Development Team can support you to make best use of these tools to support your process and quality management, our starting point is to understand the expectations of your regulatory bodies and then work with you to ensure the templates and toolkits you utilise are fit for purpose.  HCPA also have a range of templates and toolkits to support your business that have been developed with Herts County Council.

Contact our Business Development team for help and advice via most services are free of charge for HCPA Members