Champion to meet the New Learning Disability Core Capabilities – Enabling & Posture for Adult Disability Services starts on the 28th September

HCPA are pleased to announce a brand new training course – Enabling and Posture Champion aimed at Learning Disability Support Services

As regulated by the CQC, the new Oliver McGowan Learning Disability and Autism core capabilities will now be mandatory to all providers:

“All health and social care providers registered with CQC must ensure that their staff receive training in how to interact appropriately with people who have a learning disability and autistic people, at a level appropriate to their role. This new legal requirement is introduced by the Health and Care Act 2022” – CQC

HCPA is currently reviewing all it’s current education that can help you meet the regulation. Our new champion course (Enabling and Posture Champion specifically for Adult Disability Services) aims to support you to meet these elements.

This course will link to the following capabilities at Tier 2:

  • Physical health
  • Wellbeing and independence
  • Health equality and reasonable adjustments
  • Supporting people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD)
  • Communication
  • Empowerment and person-centred care
  • Personalised care and support

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This Champion would benefit your workforce through supporting care staff to be trained at the right level for their role, in order to provide better outcomes for people with a learning disability and autism.

A Champion is someone within your organisation who will gain enhanced information on a specific topic that has the authority to cascade information to the wider team through team meetings, mentoring and empowerment.

More specifically, within this Enabling and Posture Champion, there is a focus on the following areas:

  • Enabling Care Culture
  • Communication and Motivational Strategies
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Posture and Positioning
  • Therapeutic Handling
  • Acute Deterioration

To have a look at the learning objectives in more detail and book one of your staff on, please click here.
Start Date: 28th September 2022
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Please note we previously has a course called Posture Friends which has been u[updated to be this champion. If you have staff who completed Posture Friends we will be contacting you with a top up day to transfer to this champion.