Closing date: 13th December 2021
Closing time: 12pm
Contract start date: 25th July 2022
Contract end date: 25th July 2027

A new tender opportunity within Harrow has become available for extra care housing.

Extra care housing is ‘purpose built’ accommodation in which varying amounts of care and support can be offered and where some service and facilities are shared. Extra care is first and foremost a type of housing. It is a person’s individual home. It is not a care home or hospital, and this is reflected in the nature of its occupancy. This type of accommodation has been specially designed, built or adapted to facilitate the care and support needs that its tenants may have. Access to care and support is available 24 hours per day either on site or by call.

Extra Care in Harrow is for Harrow residents aged 55 and over with one or more of the following:

  • Frailty
  • Physical and/or sensory disabilities
  • Mild-moderate learning disabilities and/or enduring mental health needs

If eligible, the resident will need to have been assessed as meeting the National Eligibility Criteria (Care Act, 2014) and be either an ordinarily resident within the London Borough of Harrow or are the responsibility of Harrow London Borough Council (the ‘Council’) for supporting their social care needs and who live in an Extra Care Housing Scheme.

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