Source: The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

The LGA (Local Government Association) recently investigated a case where a care staff member took photographs of herself while in the properties of those she was caring for, including the complainant, and posted them on social media where they were accessible to everyone.

While none of the pictures included the people she was caring for, they did include humorous captions. There was no dispute that this was inappropriate. The posts were taken down after the complainant pointed them out to the care provider, but they should never have been posted in the first place. 

The LGA recommend care providers have a policy on social media use, including guidance on client confidentiality and posting images to social media platforms. This policy shouldn’t be left on the shelf gathering dust!

Providers should tell staff about the policy at induction and ensure they sign to say they have read and understood it.  

» Read the guidance from ACAS which includes how to develop a policy within your own workplace.