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HCPA is proud to present the Influenza Management Campaign. Different components of the campaign address managing an outbreak, vaccinations and flu myths and flu facts! Below are some of the top tips for influenza prevention and infection control. Please give this to your Infection Control Lead and share the information with all staff.

Infection, prevention and control measures:

  • Ensure that liquid soap and disposable paper towels are always available
  • Wash hands thoroughly using liquid soap and water before and after any contact with clients
  • Provide 70% alcohol hand rub for visitor use and supplementary use by staff
  • Staff must wear single-use PPE when dealing with any bodily fluid

Cleaning and waste disposal:

  • Provide no-touch bins and tissue dispensers for public use
  • Provide tissues and covered sputum pots (Dispose of these as infectious waste)
  • Wash clients’ clothes, linen and soft furnishings on a regular basis, and keep all rooms clean
  • Clean all frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches and toilet flushes, etc.
  • Always clean hoists, lifting aids, baths and showers thoroughly between patients

If you would like to learn more about the Influenza Campaign visit where you are able to download full resources and information on outbreaks, vaccinations and more!