Source: Department of Health & Social Care

The Department of Health and Social Care have developed a protocol which will provide a framework for health and care organisations to draw on when developing guidance for staff in all sectors and agencies that may see a pressure ulcer.

The protocol suggests a resolution if a staff member is concerned about a pressure ulcer and how it may have arisen such as a result of poor practice, neglect/abuse or an act of omission, what steps they need to take and whether the local authority safeguarding duties are triggered as an outcome.

From a governance perspective, each organisation that utilises this protocol will be responsible for ensuring that local guidance reflects the protocol is used appropriately and is monitored. Safeguarding Adult Boards (SABs) and Quality Surveillance Groups (QSGs) will want to be reassured that this is the case.

This protocol should be applied to pressure ulcers reported by anyone including care providers, clinicians, anyone undertaking safeguarding enquiries, unpaid carers, relatives and individuals themselves, as any tissue damage resulting from pressure should be considered.

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