Tendering opportunities in the adult social care sector


HCPA are aware that there are new tendering opportunities becoming available for various client groups within the adult social care sector from HCC.  To support our members, we have put together a list of all of the open tenders that we are aware of on our website with a link to the relevant web portal so that you can apply.  


We are also aware of other local authorities in neighbouring areas are advertising opportunities that may be of interest so we will also post these as well on the web page with application details.  


Provision of a Supported Living Service

Closing Date: 29th march, 2019

» Tender available here

» Registration link: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/supplyhertfordshire/aspx/Registration


Cambridgeshire County Council

Home and Community Support Services

Closing Date: Expression of Interest open until 1st March, 2019

» Tender available here

» Registration link: https://procontract.due-north.com/Register



The Provision of a Hosuing Related Support Service for Adult Drug & Alcohol Misuse

Closing Date: 28th of March, 2019

» Tender available here



Please note that we will do our best to ensure that we list all available tenders but remember that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list of available tenders. You can see the list of all available tenders, which we will regularly update on our website but clicking on the following link: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/supplyhertfordshire/aspx/Registration