Source: East and North Herts CCG

Vulnerable individuals can become seriously ill during prolonged periods of heat, and the NHS has put together a web page full of useful guidance about how to cope in a heatwave and what the different alert levels mean. Access the NHS heatwave page here, and read our top tips and links to the UK Heatwave Plan on our website here.

We also have an easy-read guidance document available for people with learning disabilities about staying safe in the sun.

With periods of prolonged hot weather expected throughout the summer, the annual heatwave plan has been launched from Public Health England and numerous other organisations.

During periods of increased heat, NHS organisations (along with all other Category One providers) are required to take actions to respond to the increased temperatures, including:

  • Participation in local multi-agency working
  • Actions to reduce indoor heat exposure
  • Take particular care of at risk/vulnerable population groups
  • Preparedness of the system through staff training and planning, appropriate healthcare and the physical environment
  • Engaging with communities
  • Communicate with the public


You can read the full Heatwave Plan launch document from NHS England here, and view the Heatwave Plan slides here.

Additionally, we’ve created a short, two-page document to help give you an overview of the health implications of heatwaves for vulnerable adults and what to do. We think it would be ideal to put this up in a staff area to remind staff about what to look out for. Visit our webpage for more information.