A friendly reminder to use the Learning Disability My Health website

There has been a website developed for people with learning disabilities, and carers, to access to ‘help with their health’. This website can be accessed using the link www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/LDmyhealth.


The website currently includes:

  • Easy-read Leaflets regarding Community Learning Disability Nursing, Health Liaison Team, and Specialist Epilepsy Nurses (Useful for when discussing a possible referral with someone).


  • Information regarding Annual Health Checks with printable documents: Carers Preparation Tool and an Easy-Read Checklist.


  • Information regarding Purple Folders with printable easy-read information. It provides contact details to get a purple folder and extra pages.


  • A list of Purple Star Services in Hertfordshire. (The Purple Star is a quality kite mark and is offered to all health providers who are willing to review their service, to undertake training and improvements to provide a reasonably adjusted, equitable service for people with a Learning Disability).


  • ‘How to Stay Healthy’ is a section that has printable easy-read health information: Breast monitoring, Testicle monitoring, and Constipation Monitoring.