Source: NHS East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group


East and North Herts CCG have recently updated their emollient formulary and guidance to ensure the best use of NHS resources, all the recommended products are < £5/500g. For service users who have long term conditions that require regular application of emollients, the CCG has approved the following  products


  • First-line emollient is Epimax cream (similar to Diprobase) or isomol gel (similar to Doublebase)
  • Second-line emollient is Zerocream or ExCetra cream (similar to Cetraben) or Doublebase gel


Epimax® paraffin-Free added as an option following a risk assessment – consider if fire risk is a significant issue e.g. patient prescribed oxygen


The recommended expiry date is 3 months for all products – if this is resulting in waste, please ask the GP to review pack size prescribed. 


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