Source: NHS Improvement



The use of door stops and door buffers in health care settings may present a hazard resulting in a risk of harm to patients. A doorstop is a common term for all fixtures that protect or restrict a door operating freely; see ‘Device Details’ section for a list of definitions. This alert will use ‘doorstop’ to cover all types and functions.


Action by

  • Estates Managers
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk Managers
  • Design Teams


The multidisciplinary group should also include, a fire officer, infection control lead, clinician(s) & capital planning as required for the project.


Deadlines for action

Actions underway: 2 weeks to devise a workable plan to assess doorstops in the organisation

Actions complete: 6 months to have identified and started a programme of work on doorstops, where agreed necessary.


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