It’s that time of year when antibiotics are prescribed more – make sure your residents receive their urgent prescriptions promptly.

Most GP practices in Hertfordshire have started to use the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). When an urgent script is sent electronically, the pharmacist will not know that the prescription is being sent, the prescription will be held on the ‘spine’ until it is downloaded by the pharmacist to be dispensed.  The prescriptions are identifiable as acute, but not that they are urgent.

What can you do?

  • For URGENT ACUTE prescriptions, such as antibiotics, it is important that the pharmacy is notified that a prescription is being sent to them. The pharmacist can then look out for the prescription so they ensure it is delivered in a timely way and the patient’s treatment can be started as soon as possible.
  • Some care homes and pharmacies already have processes in place to ensure this happens, this can be a phone call or fax. If you do not have something in place please contact your usual community pharmacist and agree how this should be done.
  • Make sure you are clear on cut off times for same day delivery, if you are too late for same day delivery you may need to ask the usual pharmacist to return the script to the ‘spine’ so it can be dispensed locally and collected by a member of care staff.

Who can help?

If you have any issues obtaining urgent prescriptions please contact one of the care home pharmacist team and they will try and resolve them.

If you are in East & North Herts CCG area call 01707 369675 or E-mail:

If you are in Herts Valley CCG area call 01442 898 888 (Please ask to speak to member of Care Home Improvement Team) or E-mail:

(Please do not include patient information)