Simplified and user-friendly updates set to ease the challenges of DBS check system

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The Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) workforce guides are designed to help employers figure out which types of work are eligible for a DBS Check, and which ‘workforce’ specific positions fall into.

Navigating DBS Check eligibility can be a challenge, even for organisations that carry out checks regularly. But the DBS workforce guides were updated in September 2018 to simplify things, making the process of determining DBS Check eligibility more user-friendly.


The workforce guides: What’s changed?

Previously, the DBS published a document called ‘the annex’, which described the most commonly submitted positions and duties that would entitle an employee to a DBS Check. The annex was designed to assist with DBS eligibility enquiries, but it was not an exhaustive list of eligible professions and had to be used in conjunction with the relevant legislation.

The workforce guides include lists of eligible professions as well as wording from the relevant legislation, bringing all the necessary information neatly into one place.


Adult Workforce guide

The Adult Workforce guide comprises a list of roles and activities that fall under the Adult Workforce category. It also lists roles that entitle the applicant to a check of the adults’ barred list.

Examples include:

  • Individuals who work in a high security psychiatric hospital
  • Individuals who provide personal care to adults
  • Individuals who are regulated social workers providing social work to adults who are clients or potential clients


Important notes for employers

As an employer, it’s important to make sure the law allows a DBS application to be submitted for any positions recruited for.

The DBS workforce guides are therefore a valuable aid for identifying which roles are eligible for a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check, and which workforce a position falls into.

These guides should be your first port of call when determining DBS Check eligibility, but if you need anything clarifying, you can contact the DBS directly.

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