Source: Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)


On the 1st of May, MHRA issued an alert in regards to the Molift Move 180/205 mobile hoist and Molift Air ceiling hoist- all size of 2-point sling bars, manufactured by Etac. The alert aims to inform of a risk of fracture to the hooks connecting the spreader bar to the hoist during use; resulting in a patient possibly falling.


  • Identify affected devices, listed in the manufacturer’s Field Safety Notice (FSN).
  • Read the manufacturer’s FSN so you know the risks and are aware of the correct use of the sling bar.
  • Contact R82 UK ltd. for spare parts and follow their instructions for fitting and confirmation.
  • Report suspected or actual adverse events involving these devices through your local incident reporting system and/or your national incident reporting authority as appropriate. You should also report directly to manufacturers if your local or national systems do not.

Action by
All those responsible for maintaining these medical devices.

Deadlines for actions

Actions underway: 30th May, 2019
Actions complete: 26th June, 2019

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