Setting out clear and effective system-wide actions for critical patient safety issues


The National Patient Safety Alerting Committee (NaPSAC), which consists of representation from all organisations that issue safety information to the NHS, is working to ensure that all future National Patient Safety Alerts set out clear and effective system-wide actions that providers must take on critical patient safety issues.


NaPSAC has developed and agreed on common standards and thresholds for National Patient Safety Alerts to align all organisations that issue national alerts. A new consistent format for National Patient Safety Alerts has also been agreed by the committee. 


Each alert issuer is now going through the process of reaching these common standards and thresholds and being assessed to ensure these are met via an accreditation process. Once accredited, alert issuers will use the new National Patient Safety Alert template when issuing alerts. 


What does this mean?

  • Alerts will have clear, effective actions requiring senior oversight that you must take on safety-critical issues.


  • The standards and thresholds agreed by NaPSAC will underpin the CQC inspection of National Patient Safety Alerts and the potential for a regulatory response for non-compliance.


  • Responses to National Patient Safety Alerts will still need to be made via the CAS system.


What actions need to be taken?

  • Identify appropriate escalation routes for National Patient Safety Alerts to ensure senior oversight


  • Note the dual running period and action all alerts in the appropriate manner


  • Embed the process for ensuring senior oversight and actioning National Patient Safety Alerts within your internal SOP’s


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