Source: Medicines & Healthcare Products & Regulatory Agency (MHRA)


FDC International Ltd. is recalling the following batches due to the presence of a precipitate, which as been identified as Sodium Cromoglicate, in some bottles. All remaining packs of the listed batches should be quarantined and returned to the original supplier.



Batch Number Expiry Date

First Distributed

Sodium Cromoglicate 2% w/v Eye Drops 13.5ml

086I069 August, 2019

03 March, 2017

Murine Hayfever Relief 2% w/v Eye Drops 10 ml 086L075 Nov, 2018

11 May, 2017


This Drug Alert should be actioned by community pharmacies, relevant clinics and dispensing general practitioners. It is not necessary to forward this notice to non-dispensing GPs.

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