Having the correct equipment available to deliver good quality care services is vital. Based on feedback from providers, and in response to equipment prescribing changes, we are holding a Care Equipment Study day for HCPA members on 4th July 2017 (venue TBC depending on numbers, in the Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City or Hatfield location).

We recommend that care providers have one or more staff members who are considered to be the ‘lead’ on equipment for your organisation. This study day will be helpful to your equipment ‘lead’ as all delegates will learn:

  • The most effective Moving & Handling Techniques
  • About the changes to Hertfordshire Equipment Service
  • Supportive positioning and enabling approaches
  • How to deal with skin viability issues.

The study day will cover:

  1.    Update on the latest equipment
  2.    ‘Prescribing policy’ and what care providers need to do (including the loan service)
  3.    Addressing tissue viability issues and identifying best practice techniques for positioning
  4.    Launch of the webpage for buying equipment
  5.    Being an equipment ‘Advocate’ for the Service – speaking with families about what they might buy
  6.    Work time learning session on positioning and enabling approaches

Who should attend?

This study day is aimed predominantly at managers and champions working in falls, engagement, wound and health champion roles but is open to all and can be used as a CPD event.


Places at this event will go fast due to popular demand, so book your places early by filling in this booking form here.