Source: Department of Transport, HCC’s Adult Care Services

The Department for Transport recently opened a public consultation regarding a proposed change to the eligibility criteria for the Blue Badge scheme to include people with non-physical conditions.

This is part of the government’s objective is to ensure that those people with the greatest need have access to badges, whilst ensuring the scheme remains sustainable.

Make sure you have your say by visiting their webpage and submitting your response online before 18th March 2018.

In addition, HCC’s Adult Care Services (ACS) are planning to improve the Blue Badge Service by moving the application process online, where there are also a host of resources for service users and care staff to access.

ACS are currently in the process of working with all service providers to ensure users are engaging with the Blue Badge Service online instead of completing paper versions of the application to help save service users’ time and improve their customer experience.

A recent report revealed that there has been 25% increase in Blue Badge online applications, and more than half of Blue Badge holders are making use of the resources available online, including completing and submitting applications.

Feedback provided by service users identified that Homecare and Residential Care Staff have a crucial role to play in facilitating further uptake of the Blue Badge service online.

With the help of proactive care staff helping service users to complete their online applications, ACS hope to be able to increase the number of service users completing their Blue Badge applications online and help them to benefit from the online resources available to them, including:

Help play your part and encourage service users to apply online for their Blue Badge and access the online resources available to them.

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