Staff on low pay or zero hour contracts could be affected

Many people, especially staff on low pay or zero hour contracts, may be worried about the upcoming transfer to Universal Credit and could have questions about how this may impact upon any benefits they currently receive.

To help managers and senior staff members to support their colleagues affected by these changes we are running a fully funded study day for HR staff about how Universal Credit affects care staff on Thursday 26th April (9.30am – 12pm) to cover the basic information so you can answer key questions.

What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is replacing a range of means-tested benefits paid to working-age people.  It is not just for people who are out of work or with ill-health.

Universal Credit replaces benefits such as working tax credit, child tax credit and housing benefit for lower-paid workers. It’s based on the pay received in the workers ‘assessment period’ (a period of one month that varies claimant to claimant) and is recalculated monthly.

Universal Credit also acts as a ‘passport’ to things such as free school meals, prescriptions, dental treatment etc. Therefore, changes in hours or rates of pay from one month to the next will almost immediately affect the employee’s Universal Credit. Instances such as getting paid early due to Christmas, Easter, or even if pay days fall on a weekend can make a huge difference to Universal Credit and the ‘passports’ to other benefits.

Staff paid anything other than calendar monthly often have problems with Universal Credit too as some months have 4 pay days; some months have 5, therefore the employee’s Universal Credit will fluctuate depending on which month it is.  
It is already in place for new claims across half of Hertfordshire and will be in place for the rest of the county by the end of 2018.

To get the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions please join our fully funded session on 26th April between 9.30am – 12pm at Beales Hotel by booking your place today.

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