What are Basic Health Observations?

Basic Health Observations are observations that we can take to monitor the overall health and wellbeing of individuals we support. These include blood pressure, oxygen saturations, temperature, heart rate and level of alertness.

Observations are a vital part of the information gained to ensure safer care and early recognition of deterioration of your service users. HCPA are working closely with the local CCG’s to champion the introduction of the Restore2 tool, a tool vital in monitoring observations and deterioration in all care settings. Use of the Restore2 tool has been shown to reduce 999 calls by 31.1% when piloted by residential care homes and 100% of care homes reported earlier support from GPs, out of hours services and ambulance services when utilising the Restore2 tool. Please follow this link to navigate to the HCPA training zone to book your place on the relevant course. Please also see below tools and resources to help you implement health observations in your care settings.

HCPA have developed a toolkit to assist managers in implementing and governing basic health observations and the use of the Restore 2 tool in their service. In this toolkit you will find links and guidance for all elements of governance of this topic, including training, safeguarding, audits, an example policy, risk assessments, competency examples, information on equipment, and advise on how to escalate any concerns. Click here to view the Basic Health Observations toolkit.

» Download an example Competency Checklist for electronic Blood Pressure Pulse Oximetry and Infrared Thermometer
» Download the supporting Basic Health Observations Powerpoint presentation
» Prevention of Admissions: Webinar in Basic Health Observation | 24th April – Webinar Recording
» Download the Basic Health Observation Governance for Managers Powerpoint presentation
» Download the Basic Health Observations Governance Toolkit 
» Blood Pressure Demo Video
» Download the Basic Health Observations assurance checklist
» Health Education England How to Measure Temperature
» Health Education England Measuring oxygen saturation
» Restore 2 Measuring Tool
» Restore 2 Paperwork
» Restore 2 Escalation process for care homes in East and North Herts
» Restore 2 Escalation process for care homes in Herts Valley
» Pulse Oximeters in care homes

Monitoring Deterioration

» Recognising a deteriorating resident – Care Home webinar 7th May 2020
» Download the supporting powerpoint presentation
» Recognising Deterioration in resident policy template

Webinars- Avoiding admissions: Services and support for care home staff to keep residents out of hospital

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