Workforce Development Fund

We are currently waiting for information from Skills for Care on the Workforce Development Fund for 2022-23.  The new information will be made available as soon as possible

Important information if you are claiming WDF for qualifications that are already funded?
WDF is a contribution to the cost of employees completing vocational qualifications and learning programmes from Skills for Care’s list of acceptble units. This funding allows employers  to claim from more than one source, for example the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) or the Skills Funding Agency (SFA).

There are some important points to note

  • Where employers are claiming from more than one source of public funding, or Appreticeship levy, they must ensure that they do not claim the same cost from more than one source e.g. if the course fee has been covered from one source of public funding, or paid by the Apprenticeship levy, it cannot be claimed via WDF.
  • It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that they do not claim more funding than the cost to them of the employees undertaking training. Direct costs such as course fees, employees’ salaries and backfill if required (i.e. wage replacement costs) can be included for this fund. Cost must be incurred before WDF is claimed.
  • Employers must ensure that they have records in place to evidence the costs of any funding claim they make.
If you have any questions or would like more information about Workforce Development Funding call us on 01707 536020

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