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In the dynamic world of social care, where every interaction counts, fostering a positive workplace culture isn’t just beneficial, it’s essential. Our Cultural Transformation Programme is designed to empower social care providers to cultivate a culture of excellence that drives engagement, performance, and retention. Experience the difference with our comprehensive Cultural Transformation Programme – the ultimate support for your journey towards gaining and maintaining outstanding care.

By investing in culture, you not only meet the rigorous standards of the CQC Single Assessment Framework but also empower staff and create a committed workforce, essential for delivering outstanding care.

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Insights from Abbot’s Care

Abbot’s Care have recently participated in our Cultural Transformation Programme. In the video below their Co-Founder and Managing Director, Camille, speaks about the positive impact it has made on their organisation. 

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TEAMologist Train the Trainer

By licensing our exclusive TEAMology Tool, you can have an in-house accredited TEAMologist who can support with keeping culture and values at the forefront of conversations. They can get new starters onboard your transformation by facilitating TEAMology sessions and improve your recruitment experience by identifying values, drivers, strengths and opportunities of applicants. TEAMologist will also have exclusive access to support from our website.

Additional Training Available

Consider additional professional development to further support teams to enrich your culture:

  • Enhanced leadership skills: Continuing to develop TEAMology knowledge around improving team performance and learning the power of coaching for success.
  • Customer service skills: By utilising TEAMology further, teams learn about the different types of customers, how to communicate effectively with each type and what matters to people when they complain to reduce escalation and improve the quality of your service.
  • Wellbeing support: TEAMology helps us to recognise signs of stress and how to support more effectively based on our psychological preferences.