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This resources page is for you to gain ideas to support your staff to feel happy, healthy and more comfortable in their roles.

We are also offering you the chance to gain a Staff Wellbeing (SWELL) Charter Mark, highlighting your commitment to a proactive and resilient workplace to prospective clients and staff.

Achieve this by showing us evidence that you have:

  • Assigned a Staff Wellbeing Guardian in your workforce
  • Demonstrated what you have been doing and identify what you are planning to put in place for the future to ensure continued support for your staff

For more details contact businessdevelopment@hcpa.co.uk

Complete your action plan here

Staff Wellbeing Guardians

Self Care

Work Environment


Recognition & Rewards


Help & Support


Career Pathways

Staff Wellbeing Guardians

Staff Wellbeing Guardians give support and direction, and also receive a badge

We recommend that you ask one of your staff to take on this role, and if you wish to apply for your SWELL Charter Mark then you will need to show that you have appointed one.  Any Guardian will get a badge to wear from HCPA

Your Staff Wellbeing Guardian needs to be someone who is:

  • Interested in your own and others well-being and have an understanding of healthy lifestyles and health promotions.
  • Promote particular health campaigns by raising awareness with colleagues; contributions to social media campaigns and keeping updated on well-being initiatives (Continuous Professional Development)
  • Enthusiastic and motivated to help to make a difference in your faculty or service by championing and promoting relevant health messages and events at {insert organisation name}
  • Attend and actively contribute to monthly meetings.
  • Involvement in workplace health and wellbeing events.
  • Attendance at Training events, Practitioner events.
  • Friendly and approachable.
  • A positive thinker.
  • Innovative and creative.
  • Enthusiasm and drive to manage the projects you are passionate about.
  • Keen to share ideas and actively seek new ways of promoting wellbeing.
  • Contribute to impact measurements.

Examples of activities that could be offered:

  • Promoting particular health campaigns through poster displays, emailing colleagues, giving out leaflets and updating colleagues at meetings you attend and your team meeting (e.g. World Mental Health Day, National No Smoking Day).
  • Organising activities, e.g. a lunch-time walk, book club or hobby group.
  • Signposting colleagues to relevant services.
  • Encouraging colleagues to participate in your Wellbeing initiatives/challenges.
  • Championing and promoting relevant health messages and events in-house or within the local community.
  • Providing information to colleagues about wellbeing in your organisation.
  • Role modelling and promoting a healthy culture within the workplace.
  • Involvement in events, collaborative working with others in the community.

Other things you can do:

You could set up Staff forums where you can listen and feedback on staffing issues “you said – we did”

You could set up a suggestion box – maybe offer a voucher for any suggestions taken up

You could have “Guardians” from both night and day staff to ensure everyone is being supported and listened to

Remembrance or Acknowledgement

Examples of activities that could be offered:

Garden/wall of remembrance

Hertfordshire County Council has opened its new Garden of Reflection at County Hall. The garden was designed for staff by staff with the aim of giving them a quiet space to visit and reflect on the coronavirus pandemic as and when they wish. It features a 19-foot round paved area complete with a bench, rose arch and a selection of flowers and plants, including the Hertfordshire rose and Absent Friends rose and the plant Angel Wings.

As part of the project, the council has also teamed up with Groundwork East to produce a short information booklet for organisations, such as care homes, who may also wish to create their own memorial garden or contemplation corner.

The contemplation booklet gives some tips on creating a space, what plants to use and how to look after the area as it develops. To view or download the booklet click here.

We would love to hear how your memorial garden or contemplation space is progressing. If you would like to share this with us, please email your plans and progress in photos to pr@hcpa.co.uk

Virtual book of remembrance

Rooms named after staff who have passed away

Include families

 Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection


The past year has been a difficult time for the entire adult social care workforce, which is why a Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection has been launched, hosted by The Care Workers’ Charity. The day, announced during this year’s Professional Care Workers’ Week, will take place in March 2022.

Meanwhile, care colleagues can make use of a life assurance scheme for frontline NHS and social care staff who contract coronavirus during the course of their work. It is non-contributory and covers staff who provide care for people who have contracted coronavirus or who work in health or social care settings where the virus is present.

» Click here for details on how to claim for the life assurance scheme

» Click here to find out how you can pay tribute to colleagues past and present


Help & Support – Counselling

Examples of help available: 

We know life is stressful right now – we are Here For You

If you work in healthcare, social care, the voluntary sector or the not-for-profit sector in Essex or Hertfordshire and need someone to talk to, we are Here For You.

Here For You has been supporting many health and social care workers since it commenced in January 2021.

» Click here for more details


Our annual awareness campaign is back this July

Samaritans are here to listen to anyone who’s struggling to cope, at any time of the day or night.

Call us any time, day or night 116 123

Menopause Matters

An astounding 90% of women experiencing the menopause report feeling unable to talk to their managers at work and one in ten consider giving up work. Let’s break the taboo over this natural life event.

» Click here for a guidance on menopause and the workplace
» Click here for information on the menopause from the NHS

Workforce wellbeing resource finder

Tools to support wellbeing in the workplace and to invest in your staff’s emotional wellbeing.

» Click here to find out more

Building Resilience – new bite size guides

Resilience is the ability to cope under pressure and recover from difficulties. Skills for Care have developed two bite size guides to highlight some of the key areas in ‘Building your own resilience, health and wellbeing’ guide which includes:

  • coping in the moment and beyond
  • what is resilience and why does it matter?

The aim of these shorter guides is to provide you with some quick support on how to build your own resilience.

» Click here to download the guide

Self Care

Examples of how to help yourself:

..What is ‘Self-Care’? It means something different to everyone. A good self-care practice starts with self-awareness, you must learn to recognize what are your needs and how are you going to fulfil them.

» Download the Self-Care Workbook from stress.org here

The Care Professional Standards Academy

Directs to many benefits  such as “here for you” and special offers.

» Find out more here

Enjoy a summer staycation in the garden


With this year’s holiday situations being a little hit and miss many people are choosing to staycation rather than vacation. If you’re on a budget and not keen on venturing too far then the garden can be a perfect choice for an intimate staycation.

» Check out these 5 ways you can enjoy a garden staycation 

Take a trip to the beach

Photo credit - timeout.com

The beach can be the perfect place to relax. Some studies have shown that short walks along the beach can boost your mood.

» Click here for some of our favourite family-friendly beaches close to Hertfordshire

Encourage staff to ask for more supervisions, one to one time, or just a chat –  either face to face or video to prevent any issues building up

Set up a good mentoring system for new staff – can help the mentor just as much as the new staff member

Direct staff to Breathing Space to help with debt worries

» Find out more here

Money Helper

Would you like to feel more in control of your finances? try checking out the new  ‘Couch to Financial Fitness’ programme – a free and flexible nine-week plan. The weekly steps and helpful tools can help you cut your spending, and create better habits for the future.

» Find out more here

Get Singing!

Singing always makes you feel good, not just in the car or in the bath. There are friendly local groups open to all such as singingforpleasure.org.uk

Or, try a local signing group to have fun and feel energised. No audition or experience required.

» Find out more here

Outdoor eating

Fire up the BBQ and enjoy these super easy veggie kebabs.

» Click here for the recipe 

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

» Learn more here

Oddfellows Friendship Month 2021

Oddfellows celebrating the importance of friendship. It’s Friendship Month in September, and one of the things that lockdown showed us was just how important our connections with other people are.

» Click here to find out more

Get your Mind Plan

Get your mind plan to help you deal with stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, boost your mood and feel more in control.

Just answer 5 quick questions for your free plan.

Feel better, Live more

Everyone has the ability to feel better

I borrowed one of Dr Charrerjee’s books and I’m working some of the tips and ideas into my life. It’s about making it easier for yourself to become more healthy. Have a look at  Dr Chatterjee’s website listen to a podcast or read one of the books (free from the library).

Get started on being more sustainable

Photo credit: Hubbub

Want to be more sustainable but not sure where to start? www.hubbub.org.uk has easy tips and ideas you can try that are good for you, your wallet, and the environment. From saving money on your energy bills  to easy fashion hacks and ways to make your food go further, there’s something for everyone.

» Why not try these Pride Month receipes this month

Five Steps to stop being overwhelmed

Do you sometimes feel a sense of panic that you don’t know where to begin? Spotting the signs and taking action sooner rather than later is key to being in control.

» Click here to find five helpful tips to stop overwhelm


St Albans Beer & Cider Festival – Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th September 

Venue: Alban Arena, Civic Centre, St Albans

Cost: Starts from £3 per person

Grab your friends, grab a drink and enjoy a night at the St Albans Beer and Cider Festival. With a great selection of beer and cider from local breweries, this is a great event for drinkers in Hertfordshire.

» Find out more and book tickets here


 Global Citizen live concert 

Photo Credit: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/festival/

Join fellow Global Citizens, historic artists, and leaders from around the world to defend the planet and defeat poverty. This 24-hour event is a part of a campaign for a Recovery Plan for the World, which focuses on COVID-19, ending the hunger crisis, resuming learning for all, protecting the planet; and advancing equity for all.

Coverage of the show will kick off at 10 a.m. PT Saturday on ABC News Live (which can be accessed online or via Roku), Apple Music, Apple TV, Global Citizen.com, Time.com, Twitter and YouTube. FX will begin airing coverage at noon PT, followed by iHeartRadio at 1 pm PT and ABC at 4 p.m. PT.

Guests include Elton John, Jenifer Lopez, Metallica, Prince Harry and the Reunited Refugees.

Recognition & Rewards

Examples of rewards that could be offered: 

Nominate a team for the 2021 Hertfordshire Care Awards

See the source imageSee the source image

Bringing the Magical experience of Harry Potter to the The Hertfordshire Care Awards…

Our Hertfordshire Care Awards 2021 is set to bigger and better than ever this year with this year’s awards ceremony taking place at Warner Bros Studios: The Making of Harry Potter, in Leavesden!

We wanted to make this year special, to give an opportunity for you to say thank you to your teams for everything they have done throughout the pandemic, and give them a one-off unforgettable experience!

For the last 11 years care providers, staff and families have been nominating individuals and businesses into the most prestigious care event in the country.

For 2021 we will be asking for team nominations…

» Make a nomination here

Simple “thank you” – in supervision in a group or ad hoc – a little ‘thank you’ can go a long way



Extra A/L



Long service awards – Traditionally, the benchmarks for loyalty rewards are 5, 10 and 20 years long service. However, this can vary depending on the service. Common awards include champagne, badges or certificates, additional annual leave or a small bonus. 


Examples of activities that could be offered:

Hertfordshire Health Walks

Free, guided walks encourage people to get more active and enjoy their local surroundings.
» Find out more or register here

Memory Walk

The memory walk is a family-friendly sponsored walk and a fantastic way to make a real difference to people affected by dementia. It’s free to sign up and accessible to all. Sign up to one of 20 walks taking place up and down the country this September or take on your own Memory Walk and walk for a world without dementia.

» Click here to find out more and book a walk

 Yoga groups


Cycle to work (GOVT initiative)

The provider can help by putting in bike racks etc.

» Read the Government guidance here

Encourage all staff to join service users in exercise on regular basis – make it fun

Use certificates; member sets own individualised goals and get a certificate when they achieve it

Sport England

Get active Sport England have put together tips, advice and guidance on how to keep or get active in and around your home. Find 10 tips to get you started and free online content.

» Click here to find out more 

Work Environment

Examples of ideas that could be offered:


Work with staff to improve staff room and facilities – this can include things such a snack bar, quiet room or even having some team photos around the office/staff room.

Have a fridge available for staff to store their lunches

Room to rest not just get a quick bite and catch up on paperwork

Music in background or calming noises e.g. water or birds

Book corner – swap and share

Notice board “for sale items” birthdays, happy events – can be a real notice board or virtual

Plants – Green areas  – quiet area for supervisions and or coaching especially in Home Care Companies – multiple studies have found that being near indoor plants can lower stress levels.


Arco (discount available on their clothing to aid comfort, either individuals or companies through The Academy– if you’re a HCPA member then you can get exclusive discounts at Arco.

Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – 24th September 2021

Whatever your reason for hosting a Coffee Morning on 24 September, it’s a great one. Sign up to help Macmillan Cancer Support do whatever it takes for people living with cancer.

International Happiness at work week 20th – 24th September 2021

Why should you be encouraging happiness at work?

  • happiness goes hand-in-hand with good health.
  • happy employees are the most vocal and persuasive advocates for their organisations.
  • happiness, is like laughter, it can be contagious.
  • Happiness supports professional fulfilment, and so retention of staff.

While it is great to highlight happiness in the workplace for a week, we want this to carry this on for the whole year, so here are a few ideas to give you a kick start:

1.         Encouraging safe social activity – from organising work team meals out , to zoom quizzes, encourage your staff to get to know each other outside the work environment.
2.         Happiness Lottery! Put the names of all your workers in a hat, have someone else randomly pull out two or three names, and give out surprise gifts.  Could be an extra holiday (woohoo!), a cake from the local store, 4-hours flex time, a voucher for the supermarket, toiletries … If you’re in tune with your team, you will know beforehand what type of activity or gift they would appreciate.
3.         Employee of the week  – reward a staff member  who has gone above and beyond  or who has shown acts of kindness – get all staff to nominate
4.         Recognise staff members who are not as out-going and support them to join in
5.         Birthday list and employment anniversary – just to acknowledge and celebrate.
6.         Make sure you are showing a happy face, and saying thank you and praising staff when you see things – not just waiting until meetings or supervision.  Remember happiness is contagious.
7.         Internal news-letter, with fun quiz and news
8.         Ask for and display quotes from staff on a notice boards of things that have made individuals happy either that week or in general ‘Raising awareness of the things that bring about happiness.’
9.         Plants or flowers around are always uplifting and good for health – even if you have hay fever sufferers, there are a lot of beautiful foliage plants to brighten the work place.
10.    Make time in all meetings to celebrate things and to identify positive happy activities to plan together.


Examples of ideas that could be offered:

  • Link with “Guardian” look at different health days and celebrate them
  • Link with “environment” use notice board to have support links e.g. diabetes, menopause
  • Link to “exercise” Actively encourage staff to look after themselves
  • Sponsored exercise – link to just giving or crowd funding to go to something in the home or in staff room
  • Utilise resources for nutrition such as the NHS Eat Well Guide and Good Mood Food.
  • Mental health, Understand your own mental health and well being.
  • Offer counselling by utilising tools like ‘Here For You‘.

Mental Health Peer Support Group

About this event: We are a friendly, safe peer support group where everyone is welcome. We come together to walk and chat without fear of judgement.

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

»Click here to register for free

Healthy Hubs

Healthy Hubs are a free one-stop shop for health and wellbeing information, advice and support, making sure you get the help and guidance that is right for you.

There are a number of Healthy Hubs across Hertfordshire. Each one has teamed up with a range of local services to ensure that you can access the help you need to stay healthy and well.

»Click here to find out more

World Alzheimer’s Day – Tuesday 21st September 2021

Over a million people in Hertfordshire have had at least one jab

Join them and don’t let COVID-19 spoil your summer fun.

When vaccinated you are still at risk of catching and spreading covid, although much lower.

Stay safe by remembering the basics – outdoors or well ventilated indoors, masks in crowded places, keep your distance, keep hands clean and have regular tests.

» Click here to visit a walk in centre or book a jab 

» Click here for more information about the vaccination 

» Click here to order your free lateral flow tests

NHS Better Health

Would you like free weight loss support? You may qualify for 3 months free with Weight Watchers (WW) to help you make healthy changes.

There are some great healthy recipes, meal plans and recipe collections everyone can try!

» Find out more here

Weight Watchers – Stuffed Courgettes 

Photo credit: www.weightwatchers.com

» Click here to view the recipe

Weight Watchers – Leek and Chicken Pie

» Click here to view the recipe

    Organic September 1st – 30th September 2021

    Career Pathways

    Examples of ideas that could be offered:

    Train for succession – what next?

    Offer developmental training

    Encourage the use of The Care Professionals Academy

    Show your staff that you value them and their career with you! 

    Nominate a staff member by clicking here for the ‘My Career in Care’ campaign. We are looking to showcase the best of the Adult Social Care workforce in Hertfordshire. You can see more about the ongoing Good Care Campaign here.

    Visit Herts Good Care to see how HCPA’s fully funded service Herts Good Care Recruitment can help. 

    » Find out more here