Mandatory Funding

HCPA continues to work in partnership with the Local Authority and endeavours to make a contribution towards your training costs. If you use HCPA approved training providers for your staff training in any of the following subjects, you are able to submit a funding claim:
Click here to view the Mandatory and Specialist Course titles you can claim funding for

Approved Training Providers 2022-23

Use the table below to click on a course title and view our April 2022 - March 2023 Approved Training Providers.
CourseCompanyPhone numberEmailWebsite
Assisting and moving people3 Spirit
Basic Life Support & First Aid 3 Spirit
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion3 Spirit
Fire Safety3 Spirit
Food Hygiene3 Spirit
Health & Safety Awareness3 Spirit
Medication Management3 Spirit
Mental capacity and liberty safeguards3 Spirit
Person-centred care3 Spirit
Recording and reporting3 Spirit
Safeguarding and Protection of Adults at risk3 Spirit
Long Term Conditions 3 Spirit
Basic Life Support & First Aid Faiers Training07986
Mental capacity and liberty safeguardsFaiers Training07986
Person-centred careFaiers Training07986
Long Term ConditionsFaiers Training07986
Safeguarding and Protection of Adults at riskFaiers Training07986
Assisting and moving peopleAcute Training Solutions 02920 494969
Moving and Handling ObjectsAcute Training Solutions02920 494969
Basic Life Support & First Aid Acute Training Solutions02920
Equality, Diversity and InclusionAcute Training Solutions02920
Fire SafetyAcute Training Solutions02920
Food HygieneAcute Training Solutions02920
Health & Safety AwarenessAcute Training Solutions02920
Medication ManagementAcute Training Solutions02920
Mental capacity and liberty safeguardsAcute Training Solutions02920
Person-centred careAcute Training Solutions02920
Recording and reportingAcute Training Solutions02920
Safeguarding and Protection of Adults at riskAcute Training Solutions02920
Long Term Conditions Acute Training Solutions02920
Assisting and moving peopleEnlight
Equality, Diversity and InclusionEnlight
Mental capacity and liberty safeguardsEnlight
Long Term ConditionsEnlight
Assisting and moving peopleSummit
Moving and Handling ObjectsSummit
Basic Life Support & First Aid Summit
Equality, Diversity and InclusionSummit
Fire SafetySummit
Food HygieneSummit
Health & Safety AwarenessSummit
Medication ManagementSummit
Mental capacity and liberty safeguardsSummit
Person-centred careSummit
Recording and reportingSummit
Safeguarding and Protection of Adults at riskSummit
Long Term Conditions Summit
End of Life CareSummit
Assisting and moving peopleStudy Room
Assisting and moving peopleHASCA
Moving and Handling ObjectsHASCA

The claim period for the first half of the year is ending soon!

Ensure that you have submitted any claims for funded mandatory training carried out between 1st April 2022 and 30th September 2022 by 5pm Monday 10th October 2022.

There will be a cap of £750 per organisation to claim back for training delivered between 1st October 2022 and 31st March 2023


Claims can only be accepted for external training delivered from 1st April 2022 if it is carried out by one of the training providers listed.

Claims will only be accepted for face-to-face training or for a webinar of 2.5 hours or more.

Please forward the post webinar email from the webinar provider to confirm attendance.

Claims for eLearning will not be accepted.

Delivered by: Half Day (minimum of 2.5 hours)* Full Day (minimum of 5 hours)*
HCPA Approved External Training Provider £20 per delegate £40 per delegate
HCPA Approved Internal Training Provider £15 per delegate £30 per delegate

*Minimum number of hours refers to teaching time and is not inclusive of breaks.

As a reminder, for each training being completed, you will need to take the following steps:


– Use an Approved HCPA Training Provider – Click here for a full list of external providers  

– Complete Form A once every funding year – Form A

– Complete Form B for every training completed – Form B

– Complete Form C for every training completed EXCEPT webinars – Form C

 To make a claim, please email the completed forms and any supporting documentation to Leigh-Ann Reed by email.

Please send the claims using any one method mentioned above. Do not send multiple copies of any one claim as this can cause delays.

Terms & Conditions

HCPA cannot guarantee funding and funding is paid retrospectively. Please ensure your organisation can cover the full cost of any training prior to engaging on any training. 

» Read the full Terms & Conditions here

For more information on Mandatory Funding please call 01707 536020

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