Become an Approved Training Provider

HCPA work with a number of training providers across Hertfordshire.

If you are already an Approved Training Provider, you will need to renew your status each March. This applies to organisations who train their own staff and companies who train Care Providers.

Use the buttons below to either renew or become a new Approved Training Provider with HCPA.

Approved Internal Training Provider

As an HCPA Approved Internal Training Provider, you can access funds for training your own staff; £30 for a full day and £15 for a half day.

Approved External Training Provider

Care Providers who are HCPA members can use Approved External Training Providers to deliver training for them and can claim £40 for a full day and £20 for a half day.

Observation Framework

What HCPA will look out for:
  • Planning – Lesson Plans or Scheme of Work
  • Lesson Objectives – objectives must be SMART, relevant and shared
  • Resources and Activities – learning resources existent, appropriate and meet learning styles
  • Differentiation and Stretch & Challenge – is it clearly detailed in the lesson plan or scheme of work?
  • Questioning – a range of questions to be used
  • Assessment and feedback –demonstrate an effective plan for assessment
  • Trainer knowledge – does the trainer have strong knowledge in the subject area
  • Equality and Diversity – does the session demonstrate equality, diversity and inclusivity at all times
  • Health & Safety and Safeguarding – venue risk assessment, safe environment, and lesson activities promote good health & safety at all times
  • Learning and Learner Confidence – learners are making strong progress towards objectives

Care Providers can also apply for ‘Workforce Development Funding

*HCPA cannot guarantee to fund all claims

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