HCPA’s Best Practice Guide to Recruiting, Onboarding and Retaining Your Staff

This guidance has been designed to help you analyse your own processes to have more recruiting success. This is an interactive PDF so you can pinpoint what areas you wish to focus on. If you wish to utilise HCPA’s recruitment service visit the Herts Good Care Recruitment page www.hertsgoodcare.com/recruit/

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Nursing Associates

Nursing associates are a relatively new member of the nursing family, responsible for providing care to those in health and social care settings. The role has been created to bridge the skills gap between care assistants and registered nurses, and allow registered nurses to focus on leading and evaluating, rather than providing and monitoring.

Whilst not a substitute for a registered nurse, nursing associates are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and having completed an approved training course, they can alleviate some of the pressure on registered nurses by sharing some of their responsibilities.

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