Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust have created some useful resources and contact sheets to assist managing mental health needs for Older Persons.

These resources include:
• A flow chat to help care staff consider possible causes to changes in emotions, behaviour, and functioning.
» Click here to view the flow chart.

• Posters showing hours and contact details for the service lines in East Herts, North Herts, Southwest Herts, and Northwest Herts (including Community and RTS, EMDASS, crisis and ICT Mental Health Nurses. As well as assessment and treatment wards and continuing healthcare wards).
» Click here for the Northwest Herts contact details poster
» Click here for the Southwest Herts contact details poster
» Click here for the East Herts contact details poster
» Click here for the North Herts contact details poster

• A poster showing contacts and management for mental health services in East, Southwest and Northwest Herts, plus routes for new referrals.
» Click here to view the poster