These sessions were run as information session for your staff to talk through the vaccine development and implementation and to answer any questions/concerns your staff may have in advance of receiving the vaccine.

Below you will find copy of the slides and recording you can view or share with wider teams.

Hertfordshire Care Managers Omicron Update Webinar – 12th December 2021

Ridouts’ ‘Adult Social Care’ Webinar – Thursday 11th November 2021

Ridouts’ webinar covered topics on Social Care Funding Reforms, CQC vaccinations and CQC’s approach.

Vaccination myth busting webinars

Click here for Local staff experiences after having the vaccine

Blood Clot Risk Vaccination Myth Busting Webinar for Hertfordshire care staff 19th March 2021

Fertility and Pregnancy webinar 23rd February 2021


Manager Sessions:

Care Managers Vaccination Strategies Session

Care Home Vaccination Update Webinar 11th January 2021

All Adult Non Care Home Services Vaccination Update Webinar 11th January 2021


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