Leadership Support: Executive Coaching

Support for Leaders in the care sector – Available through HCPA’s Executive Coaching service

Good Leaders are essential to the success of an organisation, and whether you are a manager who is performing fantastically and just need some extra support, or you need help tackling a new challenge, developing certain skills, or improving performance, HCPA’s Executive Coaching can offer you a range of benefits:

  • Regular, supportive supervision for managers in roles where they are often unsupervised
  • Breaking from daily tasks to spend time reflecting on recent outcomes and future plans
  • Help to develop new skills and competencies, as well as identifying areas for improvement
  • Encouragement and guidance for managers to handle new responsibilities within their role
  • Helping talented managers to continue to grow and take the next step


What is involved in Executive Coaching?

HCPA offer Executive Coaching in the form of regular face-to-face sessions over an agreed short-term period to help you reach your chosen goals.The sessions are designed to improve workplace performance by focusing on the specific goals set, and the competencies and skills required to achieve them.


Cost: £150 per session | Sessions approximately 1.5 hours

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