COVID-19: Testing

COVID Boosters and tests: Myth-busting

It is important to note that the COVID-19 vaccines that are currently approved for use in the UK do not contain the live virus which causes COVID-19.

This means that the vaccination boosters will not lead to false results from COVID tests. None of the vaccines will interact in any way with testing.

Extract: “Vaccination will not affect testing. The lateral flow device (LFD) test detects a different protein of the virus than the one encoded in the vaccine, and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test detects different genes of the virus than the one included in the vaccine.

More information on vaccination myth-busting can be found here: COVID-19 Vaccinations | HCPA

Care Home Testing Guidance

Training for using PCRs and LFD’s

How to do a coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow test at home

Find out how to do a rapid lateral flow test for COVID-19 and report the results. Rapid tests are only for people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19.

Change made:

Added information about how to do an ACON Flowflex rapid nose-only test. Updated information about the different types of rapid tests, checking which test you have and reporting your result.

How you do the test depends on the test kit you’re using.

The throat and nose test kit has a blue and white pack.

Nose-only test kits have a:

  • green and white pack (Orient Gene)
  • blue and white pack (ACON Flowflex)

Check which pack you have as it may be different to the one you’ve had before.

Video: How to do a rapid test at home

There are separate videos for the throat and nose test, and nose-only tests.

Test type Image of test Tutorial video
Throat and Nose (blue and white pack) Click here
Nose-only test (Green and white pack – Orient Gene) Click here
Nose-only test (blue and white pack – ACON Flowflex)

Click here

View the training video gpt PCR Swabbing

LFD Training Portal

All staff undertaking LFDs for staff or visitors need to complete the training on the government portal. 

Foloow the link below. If you have not yet regsitered you will need to do this before entering the token

Token: 3wkcVi4UTX

Once uploaded you will see the following screen. 


Accessing Testing in the Community

Type of Service


Service users 

How to access tests?

Government guidance

Homecare Providers defined as CQC registered to deliver personal care

Weekly PCR testing between Thursday and Sunday


An email will be sent to you via CQC with the link and your organisation’s unique UON

Click here

Day Centre providers defined as:

purpose-built day centres

day centres attached to or part of a care home or supported living

other buildings in communities specifically used for regular adult Day Care

Weekly PCR testing and twice-weekly LFD testing

Twice weekly LFD’s, 3 to 4 days apart.

If a service user is only visiting once a week, they only need to test on that day.

Testing can be completed at-home or on-site


Visit webpage here

Please use the referral UON of ‘99915258’

Click here

Personal Assistants

Twice weekly LFD’s.


Click here

Click here

Extra care and Supported Living – High Risks sites defined as:

The setting is a closed community with substantial facilities shared between multiple people


It is a setting where the majority of residents (more than 50%) receive the kind of personal care that is CQC-regulated (rather than help with cooking, cleaning and shopping)  



1 PCR test per week

2 rapid lateral flow device (LFD) tests every week, ideally before their shift begins. One of these should be on the same day as their weekly PCR

one midweek, 3 to 4 days later


One PCR test monthly


Visit webpage here

Please use the referral UON of 99874802

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