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Winter Discharge Support Funding 2022



Winter Discharge Support Funding 2022

The conditions to receive this funding are:

  1. Providers must be CQC registered and commissioned by HCC to provide residential and / or nursing, homecare or specialist care at home or flexi-care to Older People, Adult Disability or Mental Health care clients.
  2. Funds are aligned to numbers of FTE staff working for the period 1 December 2022 to 28 February 2023.
  3. HCC recognise that employers will incur directly related on-costs for payments made under this scheme, and these should be charged as part of the £300 (pro rata FTE) claimed amount (for the purposes of this funding HCC consider 25 hrs pw as full-time).
  4. Providers must submit a spend tracker by the 10th of January 2023 in order to qualify for the payments.
  5. To speed up payments please submit an invoice to accompany your spend tracker.

Providers should keep sufficient records to demonstrate if asked how the funding was utilised and what specific additional staffing capacity was secured using this funding.

PLEASE NOTE (update 16/01/2023): Learning disability services are not included in this grant

Further to our letter setting out how Adult Care Services are making arrangements for the allocation of winter discharge support funding,  HCC wish to  clarify eligibility.

The focus set for the application of the grant, by Government’s Department of  Health and Social care. is to ensure that those services that directly support and help deliver discharge form hospital are able to do so at pace and consistently across the winter period.

As such, the need to support people with a primary need related to frailty and or dementia, those with a physical disability and those requiring discharge form adult psychiatric acute settings are the key focus of this grant. Adult Care services has therefore applied the grant conditions as set out on our letter for services set up specifically to support these citizens.

Learning disability services are not included in this grant as the core focus of these services is not in supporting discharges from acute settings. We do appreciate that some individuals may also be experiencing health and social care difficulties as set out above, however they would not be the primary reason for support in a learning disability service.

Therefore the grant as set out in our original letter is not applicable to residential or supported living services that are registered and set up to deliver learning disability focussed services.

We are sorry for any confusion caused. If you are experiencing the need for additional support around individual discharge care packages for a person with a learning disability the relevant Adult Disability Service will be able to work with the individual and yourselves to help develop an appropriate personalised plan to support discharge.

Operations Director Adult Disability and Mental Health Services

Adult Care Services
Hertfordshire County Council  

Care Providers in Financial Difficulty

or if any further support required to discuss the circumstances in which the council may be able to support,

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