Age UK – technology and internet

Age UK have developed guides to help the people you support stay safe online.

» Click here to view their guide on using the internet safely. This includes a list of online scams and how to protect privacy and devices. 
» Click here to find out the many ways to make video calls and prevent the feeling of loneliness.
» Click here to view a glossary of digital terms than may come up when using the internet.

Rix Multi Me toolkit

Rix Multi Me toolkit is for carers, health and social care staff, care providers and community organisations to help stay connected to the people you support through a secure social network. Stay connected is a bundle of tools that offers a simple way to stay connected with those who have learning disabilities.

Online communities offer a support network for people to chat and take part in learning and leisure activities online. Carers and other Professionals can structure the support they can offer remotely by helping plan day to day activities, specifically if people are staying at home more after COVID-19.

» Click here to view the Stay Connected package and the multiple tools within the Rix Multi Me toolkit

Health at Home

If an individual needs an NHS service, (unless there is a life-threatening emergency or are advised to attend an appointment) the NHS Health at Home campaign will direct individuals to information about how to contact the GP, order repeat prescriptions, manage wellbeing and existing conditions.

» Click this link to download the Health at Home toolkit