How did you start your career in care?

I used to work in accounts and bookings and various office roles. My sister worked for a care company for a while, when she first came to England from South Africa. I came to visit in 2011 and she said this particular care organisation was “looking for English speaking carers, go and see them”. That’s initially how I became involved; I applied because I was here on holiday at the time. I had to go home, speak to my family and make them aware I intended on working here. I came back with the intention of staying for 6 months and stayed here for 4 years!


What would you say to someone who is interested in working in care but has hesitations?

I think you have got to have the right mentality to do it. Do you care or do you CARE? I think if you’re going to do it just because you need a job then look for something else. If you do it because you really care then that’s great.


Have you been offered the chance to progress?

I’ve been asked if I would do my level 3 health and social care qualification but I am not a student and it does not interest me. I have completed all my mandatory training and update training as and when needed to provide hands on care. I am a hands-on person and enjoy providing care as a care assistant.


What is your favourite aspect of working in care?

Before I came here I didn’t have experience of working in care, besides looking after my own parents. It is much easier to look after someone else’s parents, it is very hard to look after people who you care about who are no longer the people that they were, therefore we need people who are not related but can empathise and really care. That is why I love caring and seeing the same people, it is very important for the service users to have some continuity. It is not possible for the same care assistant to go in every day; we are all human beings and need time off too, but to try and have continuity where they say “that person is coming in today” because they know them and are looking forward to seeing them is important.

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