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The Agency Charter of Excellence Mark

Quality Assurance is even more important at this time of COVID-19

To be on the list of choice for staffing agencies in Hertfordshire and gain recognition of your processes when providing candidates or new workers for the Hertfordshire Care Sector, you can now apply for the HCPA Agency Charter of Excellence Mark. This is recognised by Hertfordshire Local Authority Adult Care Services and Care Providers (through Hertfordshire Care Providers Association).

This shows you:

  • Have strong policies and processes in place
  • Actively monitor quality and maintain robust quality standards, especially during COVID-19
  • Engage & retain good, well-trained candidates or new workers

Benefits to you include:

  • Become a HCPA Agency Charter of Excellence Mark holder, which will ensure you are keeping
    up-to-date with national & local requirements of care through key information or recordings from all events, newsletters & key emails
  • You will be added to the list shared with the Council Commissioning Teams so they are aware of which agencies are charter marked
  • Low cost training
  • Certificate & logo branding
  • Hertfordshire County Council monitoring officers will recognise Care Providers who use staffing agencies that meet the Agency Charter of Excellence Mark
  • Ability to sign up candidates or new workers to the Care Academy to give them access to a range of benefits & allow easier access to their certificates & qualifications
  • Access to specified events run by HCPA

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the limited duration for membership, the cost for the remainder of the year will be just £200. An invoice will be raised on receipt of this application.

Please note that this is currently a “light touch” service and post-April 2021, there will be a full audit process in place to meet the requirements for a “full service”.

Any ACE Mark received between now and April 2021 will be marked as “light touch”.


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