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Do you have the time and commitment to
join our provider advisory board?

No Current Vacancies

How to apply...

1. Make sure you are a full Member of HCPA.
(Note: Positions are not open to members who are also a training company or has association with one as this may cause a conflict of interest)

2. Read the commitments carefully and be sure that you feel you can meet these commitments

3. Fill in an application form and ensure you have this seconded by another Member

4. Attend the AGM that will be held at the Spring Members Network Meeting. At the AGM, we will circulate your application statement to an open vote. If there is only one application for the post this will automatically go to the applicant unless there is an issue raised by another member or by a member of the board.

Any vacancies will be advised here and applicants can apply prior to an HCPA AGM during the application period. 

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