Legal Expertise

Ridouts is a team of specialist health and social care lawyers, providing dedicated legal advice for care professionals, care homes, GP practices, children’s homes, domiciliary and home care agencies, supported and independent living services and both private and NHS hospitals.

As a HCPA strategic partner, Ridouts know the health and social care sector and the details that can make the difference to your business.  They provide legal, operational and strategic advice to providers who are faced with matters that could negatively impact their businesses.

Ridouts can help you to find defences and positive outcomes to, often, commercially damaging situations. They will work with you to manage and reduce risks presented to your business which, in turn, preserves business value.

Ridouts services

Their work covers a whole spectrum of matters that may affect your business, including:

Ridouts only act for providers and other bodies that advise the sector, such as other law firms looking for our expertise.  This specialism means that not only do they know the law that governs the sector, they also know the nuances that come into play.  After all there is no textbook way of operating a care business and you need solicitors that don’t just know the regulations, but how to interpret them in the context of multi-faceted pressures, conflicting stakeholder input, and put simply, what the day job looks like for you.

Sometimes matters can arise out of nowhere, other times there can be a slow, low-level build up, but whatever your situation, the team at Ridouts is on hand to help navigate you through the complexities that can arise. Running a health and social care business can be tough, but working together wthey can help lighten the load.

There is no such thing as an ordinary day in care.  Your legal advice shouldn’t be ordinary either. They work with you through the extraordinary.

Ridouts Team

Ridouts highly experienced staff team are well equipped to assist with complex queries relating to all aspects of the provision of health and social care services. Given the team’s combined experience, they’ve seen most sector scenarios – and if they haven’t, they have the skills to understand the issues and advise.

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