What is BCPSS?

The HCPA Business Continuity Support Service (BCPSS) ensures forward planning to identify and manage all potential risks that could disrupt your service delivery. Ultimately, it explores risk management that directly supports business continuity by minimising the impact emergencies can have on your ability to provide a safe service. Our primary focus is to ensure providers have robust BCP’s in place in readiness for any emergency or threat that your business may face.

What are the benefits?

1. One-to-one support

2. Access to the HCPA Business Continuity Planning Toolkit which is an easy-to-use guide and template of what to include and where. It also ensures robust risk management and contingency planning for a proactive and solution focused approach.

3. The opportunity to identify a BCP Response Team who are responsible for all things BCP.


Who is this service for?

This service is FREE to all HCPA members and it is ideal for BCP leads and those who want to achieve Gold membership. The review and support sessions are currently held online.

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