Inspection and Monitoring Support Service 

It’s always important to know how your organisation is performing, but waiting for a regulation inspection might bring a few surprises. We can offer quality audits and mock inspections to help you stay one step ahead, and tackle any areas for improvement before an inspection, so you can feel confident and prepared.

HCPA has two functions under the Inspection and Monitoring Support Service:

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. Post-inspection

Benefits of a pre-mock inspection:

  • Identifying areas for improvement before an actual inspection.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of systems and their triangulation into quality assurance.
  • Identifying gaps in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Improving staff understanding of regulatory requirements and critical thinking around implementing these.

We can provide a full quality audit for your organisation using CQC methodology and, unlike the general CQC report, we can provide feedback under each Key Line of Enquiry (KLOE) so it’s easy for you to identify any non-compliance issues. This will consist of either 4 half day sessions or 2 full days, and will combine an on-site and virtual approach before providing you with a full written report within 7 days of our visit.

This is a Free Service for HCPA Members

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