As of now, we would recommend continuing your important recruitment interviews and meetings via telephone or video calls instead of face to face.

This can prevent the spread of the virus and reduces the risk of illness being brought into the care setting but means you will still be able to recruit staff in this difficult period.

WhatsApp and Skype are two methods which most people have access to via a phone, tablet or computer device.


WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp allows video calls with up to 4 people

  1. Download the Skype app to your smartphone or laptop
  2. Save the contact on your phone
  3. Open WhatsApp
  4. Select the message button (on android this is a green button in the bottom right corner, on an iPhone, this is top right
  5. When your new contact chat is open, select the video call button (on both iPhone and android this is top right)

Skype Calls

Skype allows video calls with up to 50 people

This only works if you have a Microsoft account which includes Hotmail, Live, MSN, passport,

  1. Download the Skype app
  2. Log in with your Microsoft email account
  3. Add the attendee’s mobile numbers as contacts on your skype account, this should be along the bottom
  4. Select the contact and press the video button to start your video call